The PRI Vision Integrated Process…More Than Meets the Eye

Before PRI Vision doctors and physical therapists ever commit to treating a new patient at PRI Vision, we make sure that the services we offer are right for each patient. If we can’t help you achieve significant improvement in your condition, we will be the first to tell you so. ¬†We are committed to providing long-term, life changing treatments, but some patients aren’t a good fit. We won’t waste your time or money.

We feel it’s important that you know our process behind the scenes so you have an understanding of our commitment and how much we want to make a positive, permanent difference in your life. Before we even agree to see you for the first time we take the time to go through some very important steps:

1. Extensive triage and fact finding by the integrative vision doctor, physical therapist and PRI Vision staff.
2. Communication by phone, fax, or email with your previous providers to make sure we understand who you are from a health standpoint.
3. Once the information is gathered then the doctor and therapist will both take the time to review your information to determine whether PRI Vision is the right place for you.
4. Contact you to set up a reservation for your Dynamic Integrated Vision Assessment (DIVA). This information will allow us to determine the appropriate PRI Vision treatment program for your specific problems. This may include integration with other specialists.


This will all be done before you step foot in our office or see any of our integrative care specialists.

The Day of Your Appointment

On the day of your visit both providers will work with you simultaneously in what we call the Dynamic Integrated Vision Assessment, or DIVA. Our specialists will spend a minimum of 1-2 hours investigating your problem areas and deciding what treatments will best treat your condition. We encourage spouses and parents of children to be present during this process whenever possible.

We purposely limit the number of patient reservations per day so we can completely focus on you and your specific needs. There is no rushing to the next patient. The PRI Vision integrated process is designed to assess your exact physical and visual needs one precise step at a time. No rushing, just total attention by our PRI Vision team on you.

The information we gather will allow us to design an individualized plan of action. This will usually include one or more prescriptions for PRI Vision Program Eyewear, and customized recommendations for therapeutic activities designed to stimulate and support the necessary changes in your nervous system. If coordination with other disciplines is needed, such as your routine eye care provider, or a dental specialist, we will discuss the best way for this to happen. This is the start on your journey to enjoying your maximum quality of life.

After Your Dynamic Integrated Vision Assessment

So, what’s next? First, you’ll want to get your PRI Vision Eyewear made. This will be a very specific prescription that will require higher precision than national (ANSI) optical lab standards require. Precision is of the utmost importance. We will assist you in deciding the best place to fill this prescription, but we do not make or sell glasses at our PRI Vision Center.

Whether or not you will need to keep your current glasses depends on findings during the evaluation (see FAQs). In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for you we may make recommendations that involve other health professionals. This will be based on our evaluation and cannot be predicted ahead of time. Remember, by making the WHOLE YOU better you may achieve benefits that go beyond your area of discomfort and dysfunction.

Many patients are referred to us from other healthcare providers, such as physical or occupational therapists, sports medicine doctors, athletic trainers or personal trainers. In these cases, patients will need to be seen at recommended intervals by their referring provider to evaluate progress and facilitate change to their physical program as they make gains. For patients who do not have a local provider to work with, we will assist them in finding one through the network of Postural Restoration Institute-trained providers, or at the Hruska Clinic located adjacent to the PRI Vision Center.

When you’ll need to return for a follow-up visit depends on several factors including findings during your Dynamic Integrated Vision Assessment (DIVA), your tolerance of the PRI Vision Program Eyewear, and the pace at which your body heals. In general, patients return for a progress evaluation somewhere between two to four months after their initial consultation. The total number of visits you will need varies from patient to patient, but this can be estimated after your DIVA. Keep in mind that this process is about discovery and action. Everything is step-by-step, and each step is customized to the patient so there is not a preconceived follow-up approach that is written in stone.

We are committed to maximizing your quality of life. When you leave our office with your eyewear prescription and therapy recommendations in hand, the success is now up to you. It’s your patience, and your commitment to follow exactly what we prescribed for you that determines your success. If you don’t follow the plan consistently by coming for follow-ups as instructed and/or following your exercise program, then your progress may be delayed or even reversed. This leads to increased time and money spent on extra clinic visits. We are all human; sometimes we lose our motivation because our symptoms, have significantly improved. Unfortunately, this relief can be short-lived if not ingrained into your system properly, and can lead to frustration and disappointment. We want to ensure your long-term success.

As your body and nervous system change, your brain and body will communicate more appropriately, and new, efficient nervous system responses will over-ride your old broken one. Our goal is to ultimately decrease your reliance on the PRI Vision Program Eyewear. Sometimes, this means gradually decreasing the amount of time you use them. For others, it means changing your glasses or contacts to give you the best ability to see clearly. This part of the process may happen quickly, within a few months, or may take longer. The longer your old patterns existed, the more time it will take to create and ingrain the new one. Adherence to our plan and recommendations is critical to making the process as short as possible.

It is our goal to heal you as quickly as possible and avoiding prolonged therapy. Our experience has shown that if both the PRI Vision Team and the patient are committed to being partners in your rejuvenation and healing and adhere to the program your chances for success increases dramatically.

Why Our Therapy and Treatments Work, When Others Don’t…..


For over 35 years Ron Hruska, PT, has been committed to developing his extraordinary Postural Restoration Institute science and therapy principals. Along the way, he realized through clinical observations and study of older literature on the vision system that controlling input from the vision system might be the key to helping many people obtain a neutral (more balanced and relaxed) posture, relaxed neck and trunk, and pain relief for the long term. By putting the patient in a neutral position that can be maintained over long periods of time, more permanent long-lasting relief is becoming a reality. We are finding that a significant number of common complaints including pain of the head, neck and back, joints and muscles, as well as dizziness and other non-pain centered conditions (common conditions treated) can now be resolved. With the understanding of how visual integration affects our whole body, we have unlocked the key to success for many suffering needlessly! Ron and Dr. Heidi Wise have spent countless hours committed to theorizing, testing and developing this science into a new form of integrated medicine we call PRI Vision.

There are many reasons people come to see us, but there is a common underlying root to most of the conditions we see: it starts with an ingrained, dysfunctional way that you use your muscles and joints in any part of your body. This is a learned compensation that causes you to use the wrong muscles at the wrong times when you are doing everyday things. As the nervous system becomes over-stimulated, you get inappropriate communication between control centers in the brain and the part of the body that has pain, tension, torque and imbalance. Whether through a developmental cause, injury, muscle imbalances, skeletal problems or a combination of factors, typically the nervous system’s ability to turn on or off properly has been thrown out of whack, and that plays a big part in the symptoms you experience.

Most malfunctioning of the body and nervous system has taken months and often years to develop. Amazingly, with PRI Vision treatments, many people feel some degree of immediate relief from problems that have been around for years. The problem is that this immediate relief most patients achieve doesn’t mean that everything has instantly healed! To appropriately stimulate and retrain the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, we must follow tested therapeutic steps in a specific order. Then and only then can we achieve the appropriate ‘rewiring’ and rejuvenation of the muscles, nerves and joints involved.

We believe you will find your time with us to be both informative and very different. The PRI Vision process is unlike any other you have seen! The most unique thing you will experience with the PRI Vision process is how the two professionals will work together with your whole body in mind. Because of this approach, we often see positive collateral benefits to other areas of your physical and mental being that were never expected. This is the future of physical medicine, and it is changing lives of many who thought they had tried (with limited success) everything. Call us today at 402-261-6793. It’s time to feel better, and start maximizing your quality of life!