Letters From Medical Professionals

Andrew C., Physical Therapist From Gretna, Ne Wrote:

First and foremost, thank you for your undivided attention. I appreciate the fact that you are really helping all of the individuals from Gretna that are coming to PRI Vision and the Hruska Clinic. Everyone that comes back after seeing you are always so thankful, and to that, I am very grateful.

I am confident in the fact that with these special patients, once they are righted (into neutral) and spatially oriented, they will be very successful at getting back to doing what they want to do in their daily lives. Nothing can replace that. The feeling that these individuals have, the “A-HA” moment of being able to live again, without symptoms, is just extraordinary!

I personally want to thank you for taking your time and effort in helping me understand Postural Restoration, and how vital and important of a tool it is for my patients. I will try to continue to learn as much as I can through future classes.

Andrew C. PT

Lisa W., Physical Therapist From Prescott, AZ Wrote:

Before coming to the PRI Vision Center I had pain 24/7  for probably 10 years in multiple areas of my body. I’d had 11 surgeries before I was 40 years old! I could only get temporary relief with Postural Restoration Institute exercises and that was the only thing that had helped to that point…until I realized that vision was limiting my progress.

I had seen 10 doctors and therapists before finding the PRI Vision Center. After seeing Dr. Heidi and Ron Hruska and following their treatment program my symptoms got better. Now, I very rarely have pain and I can correct it when I do with postural adjustments. Now, I can sleep without pain!

I had met Ron Hruska at PRI courses and he’d helped, but I only had temporary relief before incorporating the PRI Vision treatment. My vision system was limiting me.

I would definitely recommend PRI Vision to others and I believe that if you aren’t getting relief with other approaches PRI Vision treatments are something others would benefit from.

Thanks for all your help!