Letters From Patients

Billy M. from Michigan Wrote:

Jason, Ron, Heidi, and the rest of the staff at PRI, the Hruska Clinic, and PRI Vision-

I wish I could convey exactly how it feels-after nearly 15 years of fighting tooth and nail every day (only to end up worn out, and dishearteningly, exactly where I was the day before) to finally have an answer.

I want to sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for a place I can finally rest my head. Perhaps more profound than the sheer brilliance of you and the team you comprise of, is your collective warmth, patience, compassion, and understanding. I’ve been written off extensively in the past, incriminated with my ailments as simply being ‘all in my head’ (with the visual diagnosis, I guess they can’t be completely wrong, huh?). This sunken, crushed feeling – that I was no longer a patient, let alone a viable person would overcome me- as they’d transition their judgment of me from client to complication to head case. When we’d hit that 3rd state in their evolution of perception, I was no longer ‘fighting’ just the dysfunction- but was now driven to fight that label in any capacity I had remaining. The internal fallout from that has been… humbling, yet transformative at the same time. I can’t possibly overstate to you how comforting, attentive, respectful, and genuine you were when I visited you earlier this month. So, so many answers and insights have come up since then– and continue to shape and guide not only my impending recovery, but also my passion and drive to similarly help others with the same exquisite humanity that you’ve shown me. You just… get it. From Jason’s perfect introduction to the unparalleled experience that is the Hruska Clinic, to Heidi’s infectious passion that resulted in my hour long interrogation of her post-check out, and finally Ron’s gentle, embracing demeanor, stunning genius and incredibly empathic hug – I knew that this is exactly where I needed to be. I cannot thank you enough for being the haven you represent, as well as for what you’ve done for me.


Billy M.

Bobbi H. from St. Louis Park, MN Wrote:

Growing up I loved athletics and played competitive sports from a very young age. As an adult i continued my activity level by getting very involved with Crossfit, mountain biking, and running. Being active is my passion!

In September 2009 I was in a car accident. I walked away from the accident feeling grateful that I was okay, and felt confident that any injury would be managed with some regular chiropractic visits. But, I was unaware that the impact of the accident had shifted my vision and my jaw alignment. The effects on my body showed up about 1 year later when i was injured while working out at Crossfit. What I thought was a shoulder injury evolved into neck, back, sciatic pain, and headaches. I have always been able to work through any injury I sustained, but this pain halted me! I was unable to do any activity.

For treatment, I went to two different sports medicine doctors, and multiple physical therapists and chiropractors, but none of them could explain why I wasn’t getting any better. I was finally referred to a PRI therapist at Kinetics in Woodbury, MN. After about 6 weeks of diligently doing exercises and still not staying neutral, my therapists determined that I had an eye and jaw issue that needed to be corrected for me to get better. After seeing another eye doctor first, and not getting results, I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with Ron and Dr. Heidi Wise. I was given a prescription for glasses and also now have a dental splint in my mouth. It is amazing! The combination of PRI exercises, glasses and the dental splint have allowed my body to go neutral (relaxed), and the pain is gone! It has been a journey with ups and downs, but I can’t express how thankful I am for all the help Ron and Dr. Heidi have given. Also, a very special thank you to Kelly, who has been so helpful getting my appointments to fit in as I come down from Minneapolis!

I am now starting to gradually get back into activity. I know my journey is not finished, and I still have work to do, but today when I went to Ron and Dr. Heidi, they said I don’t need my glasses anymore! I can increase activity and go have some fun!

I am so grateful to Ron, Dr. Heidi, Kelly, and all at PRI Vision for their help, compassionate care, and true concern for their patients. So, thank you for getting me back to the activities and lifestyle I love!

Bobbi H.

Brianna H., From Waconia, MN Sent This Letter and Timeline of Her Struggles:

2011- I was sitting in night class and I noticed that my vision was slowly deteriorating. I also noticed double vision.
2011- I saw my Retina Specialist because of I had a high risk of Retinal Detachment due to my Osteogenesis Imperfecta
2011- My Retinas were ok, but my Optic nerves were questioned, so I was sent to see a Neuro-Ophthalmologist.
2011- Testing on my eyes revealed a visual field loss on the right side
2011- Testing showed optic nerve damage
2011- Testing Ruled out all causes for the nerve damage, so what caused it is still unknown
2011- Vision Assessment done by Ron and Dr. Heidi, in Lincoln at the PRI vision center. New glasses were prescribed by Dr. Heidi and the problems resulting from optic nerve damage were fixed as well as the double vision.
2012- A recheck with Ron and Dr. Heidi showed great improvement!! Test scores were great, I could now follow a pen in, and I could do things more easily.
2012- A recheck with Ron and Dr. Heidi again show great improvements!! My eyes are stable and I am doing awesome.

Brianna then writes:

When I started at PRI Vision, I was suffering from many symptoms. I had double vision, a large dark area in my right eye due to optic nerve damage, optic nerve damage and muscle weakness. I had been referred down to Dr. Heidi and Ron by therapists in St. Paul Minnesota because they believed that besides my TMJ affecting my body, my vision was too. When I saw Ron and Dr. Heidi for the first time, they completely changed my life. While testing my vision Dr. Heidi found that by putting prisms into glasses, she could completely get rid of my double vision, and make it so I didn’t see the large dark area in my right eye. This completely changed my life. I am a Pre-Medical student, and with these problems school was really hard. Studying was taking two –three times as long as it should have, and I was getting tired out really easily from the strain on my eyes. After getting my glasses prescribed by Dr. Heidi, studying and sitting in class is so much easier. I can concentrate and I have a lot more energy. I finish my work so much quicker, and have a lot more time for friends and family. My glasses, along with exercises prescribed by Ron and Dr. Heidi, have also helped the muscle weakness, and I am now doing things I never thought possible. I recommend PRI vision to everyone because it is the best thing I have done and I am so thankful my therapists recommended it to me.

Brianna H.