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Meet The PRI Vision Team

Ron Hruska, MPA, PT

Ron has developed a strong interest in myokinematic, biomechanical, occlusal and visual influences on postural and peripheral adaptation patterns. Over 35 years of clinical experience assists him with direct patient interventions based on specific examination and evaluation data that best reflects neuromechanical stability, trunk symmetry and respiratory balance. In his earliest clinical practice at the Omaha Veterans Administration Medical Center, he recognized asymmetrical patterns that were influencing posture and movement, which led to the beginning of the science which is now Postural Restoration®. He lectures extensively and consults regularly with physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, optometrists, dentists, and other health care and fitness professionals across the United States and internationally on patterned postural position and pathology and his approach of restoring symmetrical balance using Postural Restoration® principles. As a result of his clinical experience and interdisciplinary evidence based integration, patients and healthcare professionals travel from across the country and internationally to the Hruska Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska for consultation and treatment. These patients are usually experiencing symptoms of movement dysfunction associated with neuro-muscular, respiratory and sensorial asymmetry.

Ron is the Executive Director of the Postural Restoration Institute®, where he continues to teach nearly 20 courses each year across the country and internationally. He also continues to consult and practice at the Hruska Clinic, Restorative Physical Therapy Services, and PRI Vision Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska. In addition, Ron serves as a Biomechanical Consultant to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through the Division of Athletic Medicine.

Written By Renee..Ron’s Daughter

I am unqualified to write Ron Hruska’s career biography. I am only his daughter, and sadly, not privy to his world of biomechanics and pathokinesiology and postural restoration. Honestly, I’m not even sure what those words mean. As far as his professional expertise goes, I can only attest to this: my dad has X-ray vision. He can watch you walk or sit or stand and know exactly what is going on inside your body and how it needs to be “fixed.” Coming from his most apathetic patient ever, I’m pretty sure this means that for at least the last decade, he’s had to bite his tongue every time he watches me move.

There are hundreds, thousands probably, who can speak of his love and passion for his profession and of his dedication to helping people move and participate more fully in their own lives. Adjacent to this devotion to others, though, there is in him the desire to fulfill the potential of his own life and embrace the goodness he himself has been given. It means that when he is not practicing PT or teaching courses, he is, well, busy with other things.

To just list all of my dad’s hobbies is an injustice to the depth and breadth of his interest in and knowledge of them. We call him obsessive compulsive, but passionate seems a more respectful adjective. My dad is an arborist and a gardener. A DaVinci enthusiast and Husker volleyball fan. A collector of Red Wing pottery, oak furniture, Tonka trucks, toy tin barns and model and full-size tractors. A fisherman and hunter. A wordsmith and lover of books. And sometimes, late at night, an E-bay bidder.

Above all of this, he is a husband, dad, and most devoted grandpa. He cannot go more than a couple of days without seeing my three boys and does everything in his power to make sure it happens. He also fosters in them enthusiast tendencies that mirror his own wholehearted passion for partaking in pleasurable pursuits. Once he learns of their interest in playing army, or of building with with Legos, or most recently, of their obsession with Star Wars, there will be hundreds of plastic army men and tanks or new Lego sets or Darth Vader costumes in their hands the next day. Let’s call it what it really is –spoiling them. I think he considers it his most important job.


Dr. Heidi Wise OD, FCOVD

Heidi Staff Pic

Dr. Wise graduated from Troy State University in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree in both Math and Chemistry. She continued her education at the Southern College of Optometry, graduating in 1998 with a Doctor of Optometry degree.

Dr. Wise worked in primary care optometry before opening a private practice in Lincoln, NE that focused on expanded services which included vision training, behavioral optometry and neuro-optometry. These areas focus on helping children and adults gain better vision skills to maximize performance in school, work and while playing sports. In addition, Dr. Wise helped coordinate the first onsite vision services program at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. Dr. Wise directed vision rehabilitation programs for patients suffering from strokes and traumatic brain injuries.

Her post graduate training includes 250+ hours in the areas of vision development, vision and learning, and vision rehabilitation. In 2011, Dr. Wise completed her fellowship in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD). She is one of only a few optometrists in Nebraska who has achieved this status. Dr. Wise is a co-founder of PRI Vision and currently practices in Lincoln, NE using her behavioral and neuro-optometry skills merged with PRI Vision science to create the integrated field of Postural Optometry.  This allows her to change neurologically driven causes of pain, dizziness, fatigue and headaches as well as many other common chronic conditions of musculo-skeletal system.

Prevention of these conditions in developing children is also important to her; as the mother of teenage twins she has had the opportunity to see firsthand how the brain’s and body’s development is influenced by the powerful visual system.

When not working to develop the PRI Vision science, the visual skills of athletes or school kids, you will find Dr. Wise following her two children around to baseball, cheer leading, basketball and football games. She is originally from Florida so she also likes to travel, especially to where she can find some beaches and sunshine. She also likes to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.


Stacy Masek, Patient Care Coordinator, Vision Therapy Administrator

Stacy Staff Pic

Stacy is a Lincoln native and graduated from the University of Nebraska –Lincoln with a Bachelor of  Arts degree in Psychology and a minor is Sociology. Stacy joined the PRI Vision staff in August of 2012 as the Vision Therapy Administrator and began working with and helping children and adults improve their vision skills both in the classroom and on the field. She is member of the College of Vision Development (COVD), and is always looking for new and exciting ways to educate members of the community on the benefits of Vision Therapy.

Stacy transitioned into the role of Patient Care Coordinator in 2013 where she enjoys interacting with a variety of different patient populations and a wide variety of physical/visual problems. Her main duties include triaging patient problems and prioritizing them to make sure they are seen by the variety of health care professionals available in our facility in a coordinated and timely fashion. This is an integral part of the process of getting better for our patients and Stacy enjoys being the“quarterback” of the team.

In her spare time, Stacy loves spending time with her husband Ryan, their daughter Harper, and their two dogs Zeek and Bella. She enjoys spending time at the lake with family and friends, golfing, and watching sports, specifically Nebraska Football and the Kansas City Chiefs. She also loves any opportunity to travel.