The Science

PRI Vision is a powerful health care model that is a result of the integration or ‘fusion’ of the professions of physical therapy and behavioral/neuro-optometry. The PRI Vision process works because of a couple of overlying scientific concepts. First, approximately 70% of the human brain is wired to the vision system and a significant portion of that wiring has nothing to do with how clearly we see. The parts of the brain and nervous system affected by vision include areas of human behavior, nerves that control posture and body position, and muscles of the trunk and spine just to name a few. There are other important areas of vision that occur subconsciously that we don’t fully understand. Second, it has been noted by previous research within behavioral and neuro-optometry that there is a direct relationship between vision, body posture and human movement. PRI Vision is simply advancing and developing these concepts and putting them into practice for a variety of physical problems.

Through years of theorizing and trial and error, Dr. Heidi Wise and Ron Hruska PT, MPA have found that this relationship between the eyes and the body can be predictably controlled and manipulated by the use of prescription eyeglass lenses. In addition, they have discovered that when they use a very specific and specialized eyeglass prescription along with a patient-specific program of PRI exercises, the brain and nervous system seem to re-wire themselves and the proper communication between the brain and the body becomes embedded, providing long term relief.

The simplest way to explain how PRI Vision works is to say that we can purposely turn off muscles that are over-active and tight (called too much extension tone), and turn on muscles that are under performing and weak. This allows the patient to override the dysfunctional way the brain and body communicate, and symptoms improve dramatically . Although some activities may encourage them to go back to the old dysfunctional ways, the change in the way the brain communicates with the muscles allows them to not get stuck there. They can usually return to their neutral and relaxed state in a short period of time. The actual neurology is much more complicated than that. By decreasing muscular tension and musculoskeletal imbalance, PRI Vision treatments are decreasing pain and improving physical performance in a wide range of patients. We have successfully treated world-class athletes, elderly patients, and children, without the use of drugs or surgery. Furthermore, we believe that future musculoskeletal problems may be avoided by helping the patient obtain and embed a more balanced and relaxed posture and muscle tone. We have already been successful at treating the underlying causes for a myriad of conditions such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, foot and ankle pain, dizziness and balance problems, poor sleep patterns, fibromyalgia-type symptoms, jaw and facial pain, and even chronic fatigue.

PRI Vision has an institutional arm that teaches optometrists and physical health care specialists all over the United States and even Europe, the principles of the established PRI Vision methods, while the clinical side is providing life-changing relief to people from all over the United States, and even internationally. Most of our patients come from outside the state of Nebraska because therapists familiar with our program from other states are sending their patients to us for help. We are even starting to see patients from other countries such as the UK, Brazil, and Canada. As the positive news about the success of the PRI Vision process is spreading, so is our ability to impact lives in ways never possible before. Not a month goes by where our specialists don’t find a potential new use for our science, and testimonials from very happy patients are coming in regularly.