Why Consider PRI Vision?

Why PRI Vision Works When Other Options Don’t

Traditional approaches to the treatment of chronic muscular pain, joint pain, back and neck pain, or pain associated with nerves that are compressed because of torque and muscle tension has traditionally included medication, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, pain injections and even surgery. Those approaches often help, but sometimes do not take into account the body’s inability to control the over-stimulation of nerves and muscles that are responsible for the pain. In other words, you will probably see some relief from these traditional methods but it is usually temporary. These traditional methods will put the body in a position to feel better but the body is not capable of maintaining that relief by itself. PRI Vision treatments put the mind and body in a position to get long term relief because the nerves that are involved in the tension and pain signal are put in a position to rejuvenate themselves and therefore the body can rejuvenate as well.

An important area to address is how to steer the brain and body out of the over-stimulation patterns that have developed. The brain relies on feedback from the body in order to determine body orientation and posture, whether it’s moving or resting. If this feedback is inaccurate, the brain can’t do it’s job well. The PRI Vision approach integrates two medical specialties that safely guide the patient out of painful patterns using the vision, vestibular (inner ear) and neuro-muscular systems. The results are long term, rather than having periods of short term relief followed by periods of re-activation of the symptoms that most people experience with other methods.