Are you reaching your full potential?  Are you dealing with nagging injuries that are holding you back from training and competing?  Does something just not feel “right”?  Have you tried other treatment options and not gotten the results that you’re looking for?  The good news is that PRI Vision may be able to help.  Have you noticed any of the following symptoms?

  • Unexplained, non-traumatic injuries or pain.
  • Relentless head, neck, or shoulder tension.
  • Back tightness or stiffness during non-athletic activity or while resting.


These symptoms can indicate imbalances that are rooted in a vision problem.  When we talk about vision we’re not referring to sight.  We’re referring to ALL of the information  that your eyes transmit to your brain.  Which in addition to your sight includes a lot of information that determines how your body positions itself and moves throughout your surroundings.  In some people this information gets mixed up and their body is thrown off kilter.  These are the people that we treat.  Their vision isn’t operating properly which leads to imbalances, these imbalances lead to compensation, which leads to injuries.  By adjusting your vision we can allow your body to operate the way it was meant to.  Reduced imbalances, leads to reduced compensation, which leads to less pain and fewer injuries.


The athletes who tend to benefit the most from PRI Vision Treatment fall into one of two broad categories:

  1. Athletes who have difficulty moving a shoulder/arm without feeling the neck (tension or pull/pain) or who objectively can’t isolate shoulder/arm movement from the neck muscles.
  2. Athletes who are having trouble alternating their activity (left-right-left-right) without back tension following attempted treatment of that back tension (PT, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, ect.)


If you’ve tried everything but haven’t gotten the results that you’re looking for maybe it’s time to give the PRI Vision Center a call for a consultation.  PRI Vision isn’t a cure-all but it may be the treatment that allows you to compete and train with less pain and better results.