Do you have athletes that aren’t reaching their full potential? Athletes who always seem to be fighting off nagging injuries or are having a hard time translating skills from one side of their body to the other?  In some cases this may be due to postural imbalances that stem from improper visual inputs.  The good news is that if that’s the case PRI Vision may be able to help.

PRI Vision is not a cure-all. It can help athletes who display certain symptoms. These symptoms often manifest in the following ways:

  1. Unexplained, non-traumatic injuries or pain.
  2. Relentless head, neck, or shoulder tension.
  3. Back tightness or stiffness during non-athletic activity or while resting.


The athletes who tend to benefit the most from PRI Vision are usually athletes who:

  • Have difficulty moving a shoulder/arm without feeling the neck (tension or pull/pain) or who objectively can’t isolate shoulder/arm movement from the neck muscles.
  • Can’t alternate their activity (left-right-left-right) without back tension even after attempted treatments for back pain and tension (PT, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, ect.)


Coaches can recognize these issues through two main avenues. Soliciting consistent feedback from their athletes regarding repeated, patterned, discomfort is one way. That method has it’s limitations, we all know most athletes are more likely to tough it out rather than complain, especially to their coach. The second method is through informed observation of certain movements. For example if a Volleyball player has trouble accurately blocking to their right but not to their left that may be symptomatic of an imbalance.

If you’re concerned that chronic pain and/or imbalances are affecting one of your athletes contact a PRI certified Physical Therapist or the PRI Vision Center.