Chronic Pain and Other Conditions



1. Neck Pain/Tension
2. Headaches
3. Back Pain/Tension
4. Fibromyalgia symptoms
5. TMD or (Temporal-Mandibular Dysfunction), also known as TMJ


1. Dizziness
2. Nausea and Motion Sickness
3. Poor Balance-Falling-Coordination Issues
4. Chronic Fatigue

All of these conditions can be caused or made worse by the same underlying problem: uncontrollable, inappropriate muscle tension. This muscle tension may be the result of your body’s inability to balance out demands on its muscles, from your feet, to your head and neck. Frequently, patients can’t “turn off” certain muscles on either one or both sides of their body, which creates tension. The longer this happens, the more ingrained the memory in the muscles becomes. Since the muscles respond to messages from the brain, the memory is ingrained there as well. To continue to allow the body to do what we ask it to do, the brain must use more and more compensation, and the nervous system that controls everything from our muscles to our emotions becomes over-active. When this takes place, even the visual and the vestibular (inner ear balance system) systems are affected, and the body’s habit of hyperactive nerves associated with the inappropriate muscle tension become even stronger. Fatigue, pain, and hypersensitivities can result.

Many of our patients experience poor sleep due to the over-active nature of their nervous system. Even when they try to rest, the over-activity doesn’t stop. They may always feel tired, wake up frequently, or need to sleep only in certain positions. This is due to the nervous system staying turned on, and/or physical pain from the muscle tension. However, once we can “deprogram” these neurological tendencies, most patients will not only have less pain, but will rest much better, and the body and brain are now in a position to heal and rejuvenate much more effectively.