What is Integrative Optometry?

Integrative optometry is simply the science of using visual information and input, to influence and control things such as body posture, muscle tension and over active nerves, among many others. 70-80% of all neural connections in the brain contain visual input, and at least 35 different areas in the brain are primarily, or totally involved with processing visual information. More area of the brain is dedicated to vision than all the other senses combined. PRI Vision is the first medical model of it’s kind to use vision to manage pain, dizziness, fatigue and tension almost anywhere in the body.

We are just scratching the surface of what we can do by controlling visual input to the brain, and the reactions from patients have been very exciting. So far PRI Vision has treated world-class athletes, children, and everyone in between. PRI Vision has also treated people from as far away as Brazil, and the UK. We look forward to discovering many more uses for integrative optometry as the science progresses.